Interactive Software Federation of Europe

PEGI history

  • February 2001: the Swedish EU presidency suggests harmonized protection of minors against unsuitable content. Several countries have various rating or certification systems in place (eg. the ELSPA ratings in the UK and the SELL certificates in France).
  • The Council Resolution of March 2002 advocates the need for enhanced consumer protection through age labelling of games.
  • May 2002: an ad-hoc working group of multinational experts representing governments, associations and the games industry, proclaims the project feasible and continues the development.
  • In April 2003, PEGI is officially launched and inaugurated by Commissioner Viviane Reding.
  • In September 2005 an EC supported industry working group starts developing PEGI Online for additional protection in the online gaming environment. PEGI Online is launched in May 2007.
  • On 22 April 2008, the European Commission publishes a Communication on the protection of minors in respect of the use of video games. 
  • 12 March 2009: the European Parliament also issues a Resolution on video games. More information can be found here.