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Online Computer Gaming: Advice for parents and teachers

Research from Prof. Mark Griffiths on online gaming "addiction". The author concludes with some golden rules for online gaming and advices to parents. 

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Youth Protection Roundtable Toolkit

Between November 2006 and April 2009, ISFE participated in the Youth Protection Roundtable which was set up to promote a collaborative and cross-sector dialogue to enable youth and responsible adults to safely use the Internet. This resulted in the YPRT Toolkit, a detailed catalogue of references for the improvement of youth protection online.

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Research Review: The Impact of Violent Games on Young People

This review by Raymond Boyle and Matthew Hibberd from the Stirling Media Research Institute (UK)  examines academic literature relating to violent video games up to 2004.
Some of their findings:
• The research evidence of a direct link between video games and violent behaviour in society remains contradictory;
• There is an inherent difficulty in researching this area and in isolating one causal factor (in this instance playing violent video games) in any violent social behaviour;
• There is a body of evidence that playing violent video games increases arousal and the possibility of aggression in some players. However, this evidence is often disputed and cannot be simply read as evidence that game playing translates into violent social behaviour;
• There is also evidence to suggest that game playing can encourage positive learning traits in young people;
• Despite the long history of media effects research, there is a paucity of credible original research in the particular area of video games and violence;
• The vast majority of the research which argues a direct link between playing violent games and violent behaviour has been carried out in North American from within the discipline of psychology; there is relatively little or no distinctively UK researchin this area;
• The North American research seems somewhat oblivious to the (mostly European) social science research on media effects that suggests the importance of particular context in explaining violent behaviour;
• The demographics of game players has changed over the years, with gamers often much older than is often portrayed in media reporting, yet there is very little research into the impact of playing computer games on adults.



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Byron Review: Safer Children in a Digital World

On request by the former Prime Minister in UK, Prof. Tanya Byron did a review on the use of video games and internet by children. The use of classification is also discussed as well as the role of parents in this environment.  The review was published in 2008. 

Full review here

Executive Summary

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Health Effects Of Computer and Video Game Playing

Anton Lager and Sven Bremberg of the Swedish National Institute of Public Health performed a literature review of scientific studies that focused on the health effects of playing games on children and young people.

The review provides strong evidence that video and computer game playing has positive effects on spatial abilities (important for problem solving in general) and reaction time. 

The research provides no evidence for links between video game playing and aggressive feelings, thoughts or behaviour, despite these outcomes being well studied.

An English version of their systematic review can be found here.

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