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Legislative Proposal For An Audiovisual Media Services Directive

A proposal to update the EU’s 1989 TV without Frontiers Directive "to keep pace with rapid technological and market developments in Europe’s audiovisual sector", was tabled by the European Commission in December 2005. The proposal aims to create a level playing field for all companies that offer TV-like services, irrespective of the technology used to deliver them (e.g. broadcast, high-speed broadband, third generation mobiles).

As the scope of the Directive (encompassing “the provision of moving images with or without sound in order to inform, entertain or educate, to the general public by electronic communications networks”)  is unclear, ISFE feld encouraged to clarify its position on this legislative proposal. 

Our position paper will demonstrate that the on-line interactive software community represents a distinct and separate creative sector from those at which the Directive is aimed. Interactive software is alien to the services envisioned by the Commission as ‘non-linear’.

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The Revision of the "Television Without Frontiers" Directive

The Commission Communication “i2010 – A European information society for growth and jobs”, adopted on 1 June 2005, recognises the necessity of an “integrated approach to information society and audiovisual media policies in the EU” as “communication networks, media, content, services and devices are undergoing digital convergence”. It also proposes a revision of the Television Without Frontiers directive to modernise the rules on audiovisual media services. 

The Directive has been subject of several independent studies and expert meetings which have led to the publication of a set of "Issues Papers" (see website). These papers were subject to public consultation in the summer of 2005. You can download ISFE's comments to the different issues here. 

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"Challenges For The European Information Society Beyond 2005"

The Interactive Software Federation of Europe welcomes the recent Commission Communication "Challenges for the European information Society beyond 2005" and would like to take this opportunity in order to contribute to the dialogue about the future of the Information Society beyond 2005. 

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