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Position Papers

Safer Internet and Online Technologies for Children

The current Safer Internet plus programme will end in 2008 and the Commission is conducting this consultation for creating a basis for deciding whether to propose a follow-up programme from 2009 to 2013 and how best to address issues relating to online technologies in the future.

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Media Literacy

To cultivate and improve media literacy in the digital age, the European Commission launches this EU-wide survey of best practices. ISFE response to this questionnaire can be downloaded here. 

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Content Online

Against the background of the "Public Consultation on Content Online in the Single Market", launched on 28 July 2006, a Public Hearing was held in Brussels on Wednesday 11 October 2006. ISFE held short presentations on the classification of content and on the regulatory environment. 

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Child Safety and Mobile Phones

The European Commission has launched a public consultation on the potential risks for children of using mobile phones. The consultation aims to gather factual information and views from different stakeholders on the types of risks faced by children in their use of mobile content services, the technical and regulatory solutions that exist and the scope for further action, in particular at European level. 

ISFE is happy to reiterate in this submission that the PEGI system is readily available for implementation by mobile phone service providers on their networks. Our comments are based on four years of experience of the PEGI system providing safer content for minors. 

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Content Online In The Single Market

The Commission has launched this consultation on content online against the background of the rapid convergence of audiovisual media, broadband networks and electronic devices. The input to this consultation will help shape a Commission Communication on Content Online, due to be adopted at the end of 2006. 

The Commission has rightly identified “digital convergence” as the main driver of change.” ISFE wishes to underline that the interactive software industry is a leading example of digital convergence in action. ISFE’s replies to this questionnaire will show, the head-start enjoyed by an industry “born digital and global” thirty years ago has resulted in a dynamic approach to the many “new” challenges listed by the Commission in the questionnaire.

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