Interactive Software Federation of Europe

Position Papers

Creative Content In A European Digital Single Market

With this public consultation the Commission wishes to launch a wide-ranging debate on how to develop vibrant online markets for goods and services protected by intellectual property rights. It addresses the role of legal online markets and explores a variety of copyright management models. Our response can be downloaded here. 

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Copyright In The Knowledge Economy

The Green Paper is intended as the starting point for a structured debate on the long-term future of copyright policy in these fields.  ISFE responds to a part of this Green Paper questionnaire in the context of the user generated content that is increasingly a part of the online games and virtual worlds produced and operated by our member companies.

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Cross-Media Rating, Age Verification and Social Networking

Because the 2008 Safer Internet Forum 2008 (25-26 September) was dedicated to age verification, cross media rating and classification and online social networking, a public consultation was held to gather the views of the relevant stakeholders. The response of ISFE can be downloaded here.

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Private Copying Levies

ISFE has responded to the European Commission's consultation process on Private Copying Levies which was re-launched to see if a common approach between all stakeholders can be developed.

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The Byron Review

The UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown has asked Prof. Tanya Byron to conduct an independent review, looking at the risks to children from exposure to potentially harmful or inappropriate material on the internet and in video games. ISFE's response to this consultation can be downloaded here. 

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