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Infographic: Gamers in Europe

Here's a quick peek at a few statistics from the European Consumer Survey 2010 released by ISFE
Consumer Survey Cover

ISFE publishes 2010 European Consumer Survey

ISFE has published its 2010 European Consumer Survey, the broadest, most in-depth study of adult gamers and non-gaming parents in Europe. According to the study, conducted in 18 countries among 5800 respondents (between...
PEGI in the UK

PEGI in the UK

16 June 2009 : VSC welcomes UK government decision to grant it new powers to rate video games. The Video Standards Council (VSC) is to become the designated authority for classifying video games in the UK, the DCMS...
Council of Europe

Protecting Human Rights Online: New guidelines for...

Strasbourg, 03.10.2008.- The Council of Europe has launched, in close cooperation with European online game designers and publishers and Internet service providers, two sets of guidelines which aim to encourage...
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